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Farewell to the Lord of Misrule

After the merry days of Christmas, and the quietly celebrated cosy days that follow, January with its-back-to-work associations can feel a flat and dismal month. And so as I start to pack up the baubles, throw out the greenery, and take down the paper chains, I’m plotting and planning some moments of cheer. After all,… Continue reading Farewell to the Lord of Misrule

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Merry and bright, solemn and still

December: a month of contrasts. I love the merry days of Christmas: bright colours on the Christmas tree, cheerful songs, and the sparkle of fairy lights. But I also love those quiet days, when the air is still, and magic hangs around the house in an altogether different way. Late in the afternoon the clouds… Continue reading Merry and bright, solemn and still

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The still days of November 

When the fiery festivities of Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night are over, November comes into its own. There are days when the mist filling the valley melts into an all pervading damp and grey that encourages introspection. There are others when it lifts to reveal skies of the clearest blue, a bright backdrop for haws, berries… Continue reading The still days of November