This month is all about . . .

. . . cherishing the things you love most.

img_7580There is something special about February. It’s a month full of anticipation, of small joys, and of secret wishes. Spring is just around the corner, but a part of me wants to hold on to that feeling of life being temporarily placed on pause. This is our last chance to enjoy winter’s magic.

There is beauty still to be found in the bare outlines of trees, and the sparseness of the winter landscape. Along the lanes, where our eyes can look far and wide, it feels as though time is still on hold, and the natural world has not yet awoken. We’re not yet ready to launch ourselves fully into the busy-ness that comes with spring. Energy levels are still re-charging.

The minimalist landscape, devoid of leafiness, has an austere glory. A frugality that makes this month’s little celebrations all the more poignant. The taste of pancakes with lemon and sugar (the simplest of feasts); the feeling of warmth that comes from spending time with loved ones. The hope encapsulated in a clump of snowdrops; the cosiness of curling up inside on dark days, listening to the rain, or the wind as it races through the copse. The relief that the garden can wait just a little longer, and our spare time can be spent enjoying other pastimes instead.

Welcome to February’s simple pleasures.