This month is all about . . .

. . . moments of wonder


In the chill and the dark, the call of the woodburning stove is strong. But winter’s real enchantment can be found outdoors. There are little moments of wonder to enjoy – the first glimpse of the new day, whether filled with thick white mist rising from the valley below, or glistening with frost. The shortness of the daylight hours makes us more likely to savour winter’s weak sunlight, and to get out while we can before, before, in the late afternoon, the sun sets in a blaze of shocking pinks and orange behind the bare, black branches of the ash trees.

Out in the field behind the copse, there is a certain stillness, broken only by the swoop and cry of a jay or the woodpecker’s cackle. The fox stalks, then stands motionless at the wood’s edge as I pass by; my movement causing small birds to flit from the hedgerows.

Long shadows stretch across my path, cast by the low sun, whose journey across the sky we’ll mark on the shortest day. December’s dark nights are full of wonder too, when the inky black sky is spangled with stars or lit by a bright winter’s moon.


Welcome to December’s festive joys and little things to love.