The turning of the year

  A madly grinning Jack o’ Lantern has taken up residence at the entrance to the House at Nab End.  His presence emphasizes the shortening day, symbolizes the end of summer, and helps us to greet this darkest time of the year.  I am not one for the macabre, but such age old traditions help mark turning points in the year, and the change from one season to another. 

As I re-imagine the story of the old miser Jack wandering the earth without rest, a burning ember inside a turnip his only comfort, the stillness of the dark stirs with a primordial echo.  And behind it something older still – the faint grinding of our old earth, spinning on its axis, through time and through space.

Feature image:

Border Morris side Armaleggan at the Bear and Ragged Staff’s Pumpkin Night.

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