A beachcomber’s paradise

Our summer holiday came late again this year.  Plucked from England’s wintery world and placed in the south coast of Spain, I was able to indulge in a favourite pastime: beachcombing.

nerja 2012 118

My ever-patient husband was, as usual, unable to hold hands as we walked along the shoreline, as mine clutched a stash of beach-combed treasures.

nerja 2012 129

Although I have collected many pieces of seaglass from the UK’s beaches, Nerja always yields the finest examples – those most pebble-like and in the fullest spectrum of sea greens and aquas – along with sea-smoothed and sand-scoured pieces of pearly shell, and worn beach pottery.

nerja 2012 120

seaglass 062

seaglass 055

seaglass 058

And it’s here too that I find my favourite pieces of ocean bounty.

seaglass 024

Just two or three of these flat spirals are collected each year: the one side white, the other a smoothed, shiny curve of warm caramel that almost resembles an ear.

seaglass 050

But they remain a mystery to me.  Are any of you fellow beach-combers able to help shed any light on what they are?

August & Sept  2012 007

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