Everyone’s favourite saint

Today is St Nicholas’s Day, and in many countries across Europe it will be celebrated with the giving of small, surprise gifts.

During advent in Salzburg, St Nicholas appears on the streets and is a welcome presence when the marauding krampus creatures are around.  On 6 December he can be seen taming them outside the City’s Cathedral, much to the delight of local children.

One of the most popular stories about St Nicholas concerns his charity. He is said to have rescued the three daughters of a nobleman by secretly leaving each of them a bag of gold.  And from this legend stems our tradition of the present-bearing Santa Claus.

Over on Skin and Blister Blog there’s a really lovely way to celebrate the season in which the Saint’s day falls: #shareadvent. Each day there’s a different activity to take part in,  helping to make advent a special time.  In keeping with the spirit of St Nicholas’s generosity, today’s #shareadvent encourages everyone to do a charitable act.  I will be supporting one of my favourite charities, Bransby Home of Rest for Horses – which is always in need of extra help during the cold winter months.  Do you have a favourite charity you support in some way?

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