Happy Valentine’s Day – Follow my blog with Bloglovin

It’s been a full six months since I started blogging from the House at Nab End.  This first foray has introduced me to new friends and brought a whole host of inspiring ideas into my world.  And so, whether you are a blogger whose posts I eagerly read, or a visitor here to the House at Nab End, thank you all – the House would be a desolate place without you!

There is still much I have to learn, but I have just stumbled across Bloglovin and hope that some of you may like to follow me there.

Meanwhile, I’d like to share with you some of my favourite blogs:

http://miss-beatrix.blogspot.co.uk/  – Always a warm welcome and plenty of adventures in crafting and creating.  Also the home of Creatives Unite.

http://www.the-cupboard.co.uk/ – A truly beautiful and stylish blog with lots of great ideas for the home and garden

http://30smagazine.wordpress.com/ – A daily dose of tips for a happy life

http://anothersundaygirl.blogspot.co.uk/ – Full of inspiration for making and creating

http://www.skinandblisterblog.com/ – Always lots going on and full of ideas for things to do

http://garlicandsapphire.com/ – A beautiful blog from the Sarah Raven team

http://snozcumber.wordpress.com/ – Crafting, thrifting and cake-making, a blog about things to make and do

http://sweetmabelblog.wordpress.com/ – Crafts and creativity in abundance

http://claireabellemakes.com/ – A blog about cakes and makes, full of ideas and inspiration

http://thepolishedbutton.wordpress.com/ – Vintage inspired sewing

http://www.katgotthecream.blogspot.co.uk/ – A blog about thrifted treasure and high street finds, interiors and outfits . . . always lots of fun

http://blueborage.blogspot.co.uk/   – Adventures in smallholding

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