Of willows and watermills

We spent the weekend in Cambridgeshire, walking through watermeadows lined with willows, and making new friends.

From the towpath, a glimpse of the Manor at Hemingford Grey , past topiary top hats and rectangular flower beds, has inspired me to track down the Green Knowe series of children’s books by Lucy Boston.  In these classic tales the Manor house, in which Lucy lived, is recreated as Green Knowe, the setting for many adventures with fictional inhabitants, past and present. I wondered if there might be a copy in neighbouring Hemingford Abbots, where an old telephone box has been transformed into a miniature library.

From the villages we walked to the water, the Great Ouse in full flow.

Across clouded skies that looked as though they belonged on the walls of art galleries, we watched distant weather fronts and waited for the rain.

By the time it arrived we had reached Houghton and had the perfect excuse to linger in our favourite antiques shop.

Visiting a week later, we may have been able to watch the wheel of the oldest working watermill on the Great Ouse powering a pair of millstones to grind grain into flour.

2 thoughts on “Of willows and watermills

  1. Looks like a lovely weekend – that phone box library is brilliant!

    I hadn’t heard of the books by Lucy Boston but having read a bit more online I’ve got the first as a little Easter present for my son as it sounds great. Thanks for the tip! x

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