Spring in small measures

Spring is here one minute and gone the next. The weekend, all sun and warm breezes, punctuated by birdsong and the constant call of the rooks in the ash trees, and made all the better by my first sighting this year of a bumblebee out in the fields, has been followed by dull grey skies and damp.

Outdoors, the full measure of spring continues to elude us, but inside, this tiny, old glass measure – a favourite antique shop find – makes the perfect vase for scillas, snowdrops and miniature daffodils.

Despite the scent of the daffodils and the heavily blue-dusted stamens of the scillas, no big, fuzzy bumblebees buzz their way around garden. Even the friendly solitary bees (andrena carantonica) that met our arrival at the House at Nab End have yet to make an appearance this year.  I look forward to their return.

Spring 2013 020

Spring 2013 010 Spring 2013 021 Spring 2013 025 Spring 2013 043Spring 2013 042   Spring 2013 036

Spring 2013 039

4 thoughts on “Spring in small measures

  1. Lovely photographs of a beautiful selection of spring flowers. I hope your bees return soon. Bumblebees and honeybees are flying here, but I’ve yet to see a butterfly this spring.

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