The daffodil his trumpet blows

Spring has certainly taken some hunting this year, elusive as the deer that hide in the copse behind the house.  But, at last, the garden is awash with the gently nodding heads of daffodils.

It wasn’t until we moved to the House at Nab End that I began to appreciate just how many different types of daffodils exist, from the first great golden heralding trumpets, to the delicate papery bundles that follow.

Even now, three years since we arrived, I am taken by surprise at the different varieties we’ve been lucky enough to inherit, and I’m sure  a new one appears each year.

This spring, a pale-petalled beauty with an unusual peach-coloured trumpet, and a double-flowered yellow with distinctive green markings on the backs of the petals, are ones I seem not to have noticed in previous years.

And so, although they greet me every year, I admire them without knowing their names. Can you help tell me who they are?

Spring 2013 222

Main image, and above: photograph of a card from the Museums and Galleries Collection showing a coloured lithograph from Flora’s Feast, 1901, by Walter Crane (1845-1915)

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