The humming tree

A laburnum at the back of the garden looks like a firework; burst, suspended in the air, then frozen in time. Its branches drip gold, its leaves filter the sunlight.

Draw nearer and listen. It is full of the humming of bees.

Up in the higher most branches they buzz, moving from flower to flower at speed.

Unfortunately they proved too distant for my camera to capture, and so also too difficult to identify.


As the petals fall, the bees go in search of other food stuffs.  The deutzia is becoming top table now for a multitude of bumblebees.

And so this humming tree with its short-lived blooms is a reminder to make sure that the garden is filled with pollinator-friendly plants throughout the year. Why not try the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Beekind tool to see how bee-friendly your garden is?

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