Autumnal hues – and a little inspiration from Folksy

Way back in January I promised to post more about the changes we’ve made to the House. Time has marched on, it’s now October, and so the garden room, with its sofa in the aptly-named “blackberry crumble” tartan wool, and heather-toned chair, seems the most fitting room to feature next.

It replaces an old south-facing conservatory that in summer was more greenhouse than sun room.

The large sash windows are in keeping with the original part of the house, and give the best views of the garden; while the proper roof helps to maintain a sensible temperature even on the hottest of days.  Light levels are a bit of a worry, as there isn’t room to fit sheer roller blinds behind the Romans, and I’m not a fan of nets.

For the decor we’ve kept to natural materials – wool, leather, wood and stone – to complement the backdrop of ash copse.

There are still gaps to fill and pieces of furniture to find.  But with so many wonderful woodland accessories in the shops it shouldn’t be difficult to complete our country look.  Here’s a selection of my favourite finds from Folksy, the home of modern British craft.  Float your mouse over the images to reveal the captions.

6 thoughts on “Autumnal hues – and a little inspiration from Folksy

  1. I love your sofa, that tartan wool is gorgeous! I could see all of the Folksy goodies working in your garden room. How will you ever choose!? I’ve never actually looked on Folksy, but I will do now…I quite fancy those crocheted leaves! X

  2. Your garden room is just stunning – I love your sofa and the tartan wool. I can just imagine relaxing in there with coffee and the papers on the weekend.

    Some fab finds on Folksy as well – the woodland theme is completely my thing. (How do you do those great pop-up captions by the way?)


    1. Thanks Sian. It is a lovely place to relax and watch the ash trees outside swaying – we’re very lucky.

      Autumn is the perfect time to indulge your love of all things woodlandy! Such a wonderful time of year.

      As for the captions, well, it’s taken me a year to work out how to present photos nicely on the blog. It didn’t seem possible, but there’s an option to ‘create gallery’ which pulls lots of photos together in a group, and the captions are part of it – so I’m afraid I don’t know the technical wizardry behind them.

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