Button mushrooms – handmade hanging decorations

The longer evenings are perfect for settling down to a craft project, and this one combines two of my favourite forms, mushrooms and buttons. With their spotty tops I suppose they are more akin to toadstools, but I couldn’t resist calling them button mushrooms.

You will need:

Air-hardening modelling clay

A rolling pin

Mushroom-shaped cookie cutters

A thin paintbrush

A selection of buttons

Ribbon or twine to hang


Using the rolling pin, roll out a piece of modelling clay to the desired thickness.

Take the cookie cutter and cut out your shapes.  Gently smooth down any rough edges with your fingers.

Press buttons into the top half of the mushroom shape to create a spotty design.

Make a hole near the top of the mushroom with the end of the paintbrush, then leave the shapes to dry for around 24 hours – the clay will whiten as it dries.

When the shapes are completely dry and hard to the touch, thread a ribbon or piece of twine through the holes to hang.

With your button mushrooms complete, why not try some other designs? All manner of objects can be used to create imprints in the clay.

Spriggy plants and seed-heads from the garden created some particularly pretty patterns, combined with pin pricks to let the light shine through.

4 thoughts on “Button mushrooms – handmade hanging decorations

  1. How sweet! We have some real clay hanging decorations with lovely imprints and glazes that hubby made with his students a few years back, they’re a bit too heavy for the Xmas tree though, so have been wanting to make some air dried ones. I love the patterns you have made with the different objects, it looks really effective – and so cute on the button mushrooms too!

    1. Thanks – this is my first attempt with air dry clay and I’m surprised at how papery the end result feels, but it does make them perfectly light for hanging. I hope you get chance to have a go. I’ve also done some using snowflake cutters which might appear on the blog at some point. Thanks again for stopping by!

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