Light catchers

On Saturday the garden was filled with sunlight. We dared to think of Spring. But by Sunday the skies had dulled once again, the sun nowhere to be seen . . .

. . . or so we thought.

Hellebores have a magical quality.  They capture the light even on the dullest of days, holding the sun’s radiance beneath their broad petals and within their leaves.

Below an overcast sky and surrounded by the wintery white of snowdrops, a lone Lenten rose plant preserves that first whisper of Spring, and reminds us of the sunshine to come.

For some stunning ways to display hellebores in the home, take a look at Julie’s post on the Garlic and Sapphire blog. Hellebores also feature at number 10 in Celia Hart’s 100 Flowers on Purple Podded Peas.

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