Hygge on a dismal day

Warmth, cosiness, enjoying the simple things in life . . . .

Baking cinnamon cupcakes (you’ll find the recipe for these little cakes over on  Claireabelle Makes). There was no maple syrup in the cupboard, so I plan to make a topping with the salted caramel sauce.

Warming teas and tea light warmth.

Learning to knit – something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

How do you define hygge?

3 thoughts on “Hygge on a dismal day

  1. I think freshly baked cakes and tea by the hearth is just right on a dismal day. The cakes do look delicious and I like the sound of salted caramel and whisky sauce – definitely something I’d like to try!

    1. Thanks Wendy. As it turned out the sauce was so thick that it worked well spread directly on to the cakes (I had expected to have to mix it into a butter icing) making an easy peasy and delicious topping. Unfortunately they didn’t last long enough for me to be able to take any more snaps!

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