Ghosts of the old garden

Turf has been laid over the flower bed that encircled an old tree stump to the west of the garden. The yellowing grass betrays the now ground-out stump.  We wonder if this patch of lawn will be forever haunted by its memory.

Bulbs are appearing in a fairy ring formation, pushing through the lawn in remembrance.  A floral tribute to what once was.

They too are ghosts – ghosts of their former selves.  In years past they created quite a show; clumps of snowdrops and aconites, and single stems of scilla, then swathes of daffodils and bright tulip blooms.

Although many of the bulbs have been lost, this area will now be easier to care for. Growing bulbs in the lawn avoids the problem of what to do when they die back.  Come summer each year the old bed would be nothing more than a patch of unruly bindweed and bare earth as we struggled to find a way to introduce new plants without disturbing the bulbs below.

The removal of the stump and the turfing of the bed forms part of a new garden layout that has put the garden to rights after the disruption and damage caused by the building works.  It’s strange to think we once regarded the old bulb bed as a sacred feature – as something untouchable.  It just goes to show that sometimes you have to let go to move forward.

6 thoughts on “Ghosts of the old garden

  1. I love the idea of the ring of bulbs being a ghost of garden past – there is something very enchanting about it. It looks beautiful too.

    In fact, it’s all very reminiscent of The Children of Green Knowe which I’ve just finished reading to my son – I bought it on your recommendation after you wrote about it on your blog last year. We’ve really enjoyed it so thank you.

    1. Thanks Sian. The daffodils are out now, so the ring has become even more pronounced! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the Children of Green Knowe – I read it too and really enjoyed its old-fashionedness. It has quite an atmosphere! Thanks so much for stopping by – it’s always lovely to “see you” here, as well as catching up with you over at The Cupboard.

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