A no pretences kind of day; of old clothes and wellingtons, tea in tin mugs, and sweet, cherry genoa cake.

Walking out into the garden we disturbed a peacock butterfly, wings closed, in the lawn. It flew up and danced in the air around us, before taking a skyward flight, up, up, up . . . while our task of preparing new beds for planting bound us to the earth below.

We worked together in the garden, side-by-side. Turning the soil, fork load by fork load. With each push, lift, and twist, we began to reclaim the garden as our own.

Here we will plant alliums and anemones; delphiniums, geraniums, geums; knautia macedonia; a scented philadelphus “belle etoile”; roses – shrub and climbing; sedums and verbena; all against a backdrop of wisteria fronds.

Pinterest is providing a useful tool, helping to keep track of ideas as they ebb and flow, a virtual scrapbook for our planting plans. In time, perhaps I’ll use it as a way to chart the garden’s progress.

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