Tulip fever

I have never been that bothered about tulips in the garden. But a visit to Hidcote Manor on Easter Monday changed all that. Cups of colour, filled with sunlight, hung above the beds like magic lanterns. I caught something that day – tulip fever.


We had plans to turn the front garden, still bare from the recent landscaping works, in to a perennial wildflower patch. But that would bring additional maintenance, which could ultimately prove a bridge too far for two working people. Already, with our initial reservations, and prompted by the surprise success of our circle of flowers , we had begun to think instead of planting Spring bulbs. We could turf over them and encourage the cowslips, so prevalent elsewhere in the garden, to join them; more millefleur than meadow.

Now the thought of an array of candy coloured tulips, Hidcote-style, has sealed the deal.

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