Jam jar lanterns

Jam jars wrapped with wire and adorned with beads make pretty lanterns to hang from the trees, creating a magical atmosphere for summer evenings.


You will need

Screw top jam jar (top discarded)

Pliable wire – I used Salix 2.0mm diameter aluminium wire from Hobbycraft for the jar handles, and thinner florists wire for some of the embellishments

Assortment of beads – large holed to thread on to the aluminium wire; smaller holed beads will work on the florists wire

Mandrel or pen

Wire cutters

Round nosed pliers



1. Using your wire cutters, cut a piece of wire roughly two and a half times the circumference of your jar.  About a third of the way along  its length make a loop by wrapping the wire around your mandrel or pen.

2. Place your wire along the collar of the jar with the loop you’ve created fitting snugly to one side of the jar. Make sure the wire sits just under the collar created by the screw top; this will hold it in place. Pull the wire tightly and cross the ends on the other side of the jar directly opposite your loop.

3. Take the shorter length of wire over the top of the longer one to produce another loop similar to your first.




4. Take the longer end of wire upwards and bend to create a handle shape. Pass the very end of this handle through your first loop.

5. Make sure the wire is still tightly wrapped around the collar of the jar and adjust to tighten as necessary.  Adjust the shape of the handle to get an even curve.


6. Where the end of your handle passes through your first loop, take the very end of the wire and bend using your round nosed pliers so that it creates a figure of eight.

7. Do the same to finish off the loop on the other side of the jar. Snip off any extra to make a neat figure of eight on both sides.


8. Embellish with beads to your heart’s content, then pop a tea light inside and hang.







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