Dragonfly days


The days are hot; the air still. The garden is filled with jewel colours. Against leaf and grass – deep emerald and bright peridot – shine intense amethysts, and the softer hues of tourmaline and lemon quartz.


Summer is at its height. Dragonflies arrive in urgent flights. Wings rattle and rasp as they pass; larger, more ferocious, than the damselflies that went before.

At times they hang in the air, poised; surveying; intent. At others they race and chase; hostile skirmishes in flight.


Some settle on the tall leaves of the yellow iris or fallen lily stems for moments at a time, arched and elegant, tails plunged in to the water. Others, locked in tandem, dip and dive, just breaking the water’s surface with each downward movement.

These are the dragonfly days. Summer moments to savour while we can.

2 thoughts on “Dragonfly days

  1. Beautiful images and words. But I will be prosaic: the first and third dragonflies, which I can’t identify without going to the book, are ovipositing (laying eggs). The second appears to be a Common Darter.

    1. Thanks for visiting Simon. The one in the main picture and third in the row of three images could, I think, be an emperor dragonfly (though I am no expert!) What do you think? The first in the row is, I think , one of the darters. I haven’t managed to identify the middle one. Lovely to see them laying eggs and we have a good number of nymphs in the pond now as a result!

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