Take one jar . . . an autumnal hurricane vase

In the garden, the Liquidambar is shedding its leaves, spreading a blaze of autumnal colour across the lawn.

The leaves are too beautiful to become garden waste just yet.   The evenings short enough to call for cosiness and candlelight.


To transform an empty coffee jar into an autumnal hurricane vase:

Collect an array of coloured leaves.

Stick them on to your empty jar with Mod Podge and leave to dry.

Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge over the leaves to give them a glossy finish.

Place a tealight inside and enjoy the warm glow.




2 thoughts on “Take one jar . . . an autumnal hurricane vase

  1. This looks gorgeous – what a lovely way to use all the beautiful leaves that are around. Your garden looks stunning in the background by the way!

    1. Thanks Sian. It’s such a lovely time of year in the garden – it’s good to be able to bring some of that loveliness inside. The lanterns are really easy to make and the leaves look great with the light shining through from behind.

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