Tulip planting time

If you visited the House at Nab End in April you will know how taken we were with the tulips at Hidcote Manor, so imagine how delighted I was to receive a bag of Vintage Silk tulip bulbs from the folks at Sarah Raven this week.

Our visit to Hidcote originally inspired us to think about adding tulips to the mix of spring bulbs that had been spread over the front garden during the landscaping works that followed our building project.  But a new visitor has caused a rethink.

In August we discovered a large pit in our West facing border, alliums uncovered (although thankfully not eaten) and a badgery gift left in return.

Apparently badgers are rather partial to tulips. But this isn’t a claim I want to test with these beautiful bulbs. Our front garden is without fence or hedge, making it all too easy for our strong-pawed, broad-nosed friends to enjoy a winter feast, should the theory be true.  (Have you ever had your tulip bulbs eaten by badgers?  I would love to know.)

To keep them safe from marauding mammals we’ll plant the bulbs in pots and use them to soften the starkness of the new patio and bring colour closer to the house.  The collection comprises four different tulip varieties in delicate shades of pink, peach, and lemony-green: Tulip ‘Apricot Beauty’, Tulip ‘Groenland’, Tulip ‘Mistress Grey’, and Tulip ‘Spring Green’.  They will look lovely by the patio doors.

And with colder weather beginning to set in, now is the perfect time to plant them. All orders from Sarah Raven come with an informative planting guide, and there are also useful videos on planting bulbs using a traditional bulb planter or in bulb trays on the Sarah Raven website here.  Let the planting commence!



I received the Vintage Silk collection tulip bulbs as a gift from the Sarah Raven team. 

4 thoughts on “Tulip planting time

  1. Vintage Silk, they sound divine. I’ve had some Sarah Raven tulips in the past and they were absolutely wonderful, beautiful bright pinks and deep plummy purples. Let’s hope yours put on a good show.

  2. How lovely. We’ve just bought a new house which means a new garden and I’d love to plant some bulbs, though I fear I may be a little late in the year now. Ah well, there is always next year. Sarah Raven has the loveliest of things.

    Nina x

    1. Hello Nina. I hope you’re settling in to your new home. It should still be fine to plant bulbs now, and tulips particularly need to be planted once it starts getting cold so they should be OK. Sarah Raven has some gorgeous colours – all too tempting!

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