Appleton Christmas Barn

Our Christmas tree is always rather eclectic: hung with an assortment hand-me-downs and newer additions. It doesn’t follow a particular style and the pervading colour scheme of reds, greens, and golds is only down to the fact that these are my favourite colours for the festive season.  Nestled in to the tree’s boughs, illuminated by white fairy lights, are memories of childhood Christmases at home in Staffordshire and of trips to the magical city of Salzburg at Advent-time.

Last Sunday a little of that Salzburg magic was recaptured when we visited Appleton Christmas Barn. Its beginnings as a Christmas tree farm have flourished into an Aladdin’s cave of festive ornaments and decorations.

There are opulent baubles from Gisela Graham evoking the regal splendour of Russian Christmasses past; wintery white snowflakes for frosty scenes; deer and birds for the rustic or enchanted woodland looks; and my favourite traditional reds and greens.

It’s always a treat to come home with a new decoration to add to the collection. This year I opted for an intricately cut plywood one in the shape of Christmas tree as a reminder of happy times in Salzburg.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration?

2 thoughts on “Appleton Christmas Barn

  1. This is the first year we haven’t chosen a new decoration for the tree, but then again locating the Christmas boxes after moving is proving just as exciting…like unwrapping a new treasure.

    Merry Christmas!

    Nina x

    1. We had exactly the same experience here, when all the building works were finished and all our possessions came out of storage – it really was like Christmas, only in the middle of the summer!

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