A pot for a pound

I’m always on the look out for inexpensive vessels for flowers and was delighted to find this little Shelley pot, shortly before Christmas, with a price tag of only a pound. I knew it would be just the thing to house a hyacinth to drive away any post-Christmas blues. Its back stamp dates it to between 1910 and 1925, and it’s also marked with the registration 278278 so it should be possible to do some detective work into the shape.

We have an abundance of the prettiest, frondy moss in the garden, which grows just as quickly as it’s plucked, and is wonderful for putting around the base of bulbs as an easy way to finish off a display.


4 thoughts on “A pot for a pound

  1. Oh what a cheering and beautiful bargain. That hyacinth looks wonderful in it. Sometimes the simplest cheery things can be the most effective can’t they?

    1. Thanks Emma – it’s got a fair old bit of crazing but my rule of “no chips, no cracks, no crazing” gets relaxed a little when it comes to things for using for flowers! Can’t wait for it to bloom and get that hyacinth smell. Thanks again for stopping by!

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