Potato harvest

By the beginning of last year we had a garden laid out; the builders’ rubble had been cleared from around the house and paths and a patio laid in their place. There were new beds to plan, and plants to choose, and the prospect of getting back to growing things felt so good that it was easy to get over excited.

Our over-enthusiasm included the purchase of several nets of seed potatoes. But with the rhubarb crowns, asparagus, courgettes, peas, and beans, our modest raised bed was full to bursting, and eventually the potatoes were bunged into a large plastic tub just to do something with them.  They grew and flowered, the foliage died back, but with so much else to do they got ignored.  The languishing potatoes we were sure would by now be half-rotten, half-eaten and wholly no good.

So last week we tipped the tub up over the raised bed to re-use the compost.  And there they were. Perfect potatoes. Good enough to harvest.  Good enough to eat.








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