Tiny treasures

A few weekends ago we visited Ely and stopped at a favourite antiques shop on the way home. A simple treat for a Sunday afternoon; casting our eyes over a wealth of inexpensive treasures.

I picked out a miniature etched measure and a ribbed, green glass bottle marked “not to be taken”, each costing just a couple of pounds.

They are perfect for displaying the last of the snowdrops and my favourite hellebores.


4 thoughts on “Tiny treasures

  1. Oh we are such similar creatures. I have a VERY similar etched measuring jug – from before 1850, and a small collection of these medicine/poison bottles. Which antique shop was it? Have you visited Waterside Antiques? FOUR WHOLE FLOORS of wonderful tat x

    1. Ha, yes, we had a good old rummage around Waterside Antiques. You must get yourself to the lovely lady at Houghton near St Ives – but make sure you leave some little measures for me! They are some of my favourite finds and she has some really lovely ones and all sorts of other pretty things. Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine x

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