Seasonal delights

I was taken with this calendar of seasonal delights at the Lost Gardens of Heligan and thought it would be fun to produce something similar for the garden here. So since January I’ve been noting down the plants and wildlife prevalent in each month.

Seasonal delights | The House at Nab End

April’s column is being filled with daffodils, hyacinths, scillas, hellebores, celandines, dog violets, cowslips, brunerra, forget-me-knots, kerria, snowflakes, clematis, vinca, magnolia, and the last falling flutters of cherry plum blossom. Looking ahead to May, there are promising tulip buds, the first few flowers on the geraniums and geums, and the branches of the greengage are studded with tiny white pearls.

The garden is always a special place during the Spring months, and this is year it is all the more so: for the very first time we get to see the large beds we planted out last May slowly coming back to life. We inspect them daily, watching for shoots and unfurling leaves, fingers crossed that all the plants have survived.

As I note down each month’s star performers, I take time to really look, and to appreciate the events and features that characterise the season. The opening of the first cheery celandine flowers, the discovery of hidden violets in the dappled undergrowth, the sheer abundance of the different daffodil varieties dotting the garden.

I’m also enjoying Sarah Raven’s monthly  “In the Garden” guides with their lovely journal designs. You can find the April one here packed with seasonal ideas and inspiration.



2 thoughts on “Seasonal delights

  1. A “Seasonal Delights” calendar is a wonderful idea! Mine in Alaska would have less flowers on it, but I find all kinds of seasonal treasures nonetheless! Beautiful photos! Love seeing flowers around the globe while we’re still waiting for ours.

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