A ring of bees

The ring of Spring flowers that emerges through the lawn where an old flower bed used to be attracts a multitude of tiny solitary bees. They flit about the daffodil heads, and bask on broad and spacious tulip leaves.

They’re a tricky bunch to identify. The distinctive ashy mining bees I managed on my own, then turned to Twitter for expert help with the others.

Many of the blooms are fading, yet still the little bees congregate there. Feeding doesn’t seem to be on their minds.

Elsewhere in the garden the red mason bees continue their obsession with the wall mounted hosepipe cover, bundling in to its screw holes in twos and threes overnight, then emerging one by one in the morning. I’ve placed my Beebrick nearby in the hope of encouraging them to nest.

And thanks to the tawny mining bees there’s the promise of a good harvest from the gooseberry bush – providing the blackbird doesn’t outwit me again this year.





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