The month of May

There’s something special about the month of May, and this year hasn’t disappointed. Although we are just half way through, already there have been so many simple things to take pleasure in and enjoy, such as:

Picking local asparagus, just up the road at Peach Croft Farm.


Watching red mason bees pop in and out of my Green&Blue Beebrick.



Having a success with seeds – the flowers for shady places mix, edible flowers collection, chard “Bright Lights”, and Cerinthe major “Purpurascens”  (Honeywort) are all coming along nicely – treats for both me and the bees!


Cerinthe major seedlings | The House at Nab End


Visiting Wytham Woods to see the bluebells and popping in to the Flagstone Press print studio, open for Oxfordshire ArtWeeks, to fuel my lino printing ambitions.


Discovering a newt in the pond.

Seeing damselflies emerge and take their first flights.



And it struck me the other day how wonderful the “candles” on the horse chestnut trees look this year – have you noticed?


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