In the meadow

Meadowlands. Swaying grasses dotted with ox-eye daisies and bright buttercups. Is there a better place to be on a summer’s afternoon when the air is thick with the promise of a coming storm; the skies overhead a threatening deep slate blue?


We’re lucky enough to have meadows just beyond the house, but a couple of weekends ago we ventured further afield to our local Coronation Meadow at Chimney near Bampton on just such a day. As the storm grew ever closer we decided to follow signs to a bird hide, hoping to reach it before the rain broke. From there we watched a heron, whose patient vigil remained constant even when the heavens eventually opened. We waited for the storm to pass.

On the way back the sun came out, glimmering through the droplets that clung on in the hedgerows; picking out yellow rattle amongst the grasses and gilding the royal purple of vetch and knapweed.



Today is the first ever national meadows day, so why not seek out the Coronation Meadow for your County, or look events for a range of events taking place throughout the country.

And if this week’s heatwave doesn’t hold and you find yourself in need of a pair of wellingtons, I can recommend these bee print beauties from Joules, the sale of which supports the British Beekeepers’ Association.

2 thoughts on “In the meadow

  1. How lovely it looks!~ wonderful that it has been ‘allowed’ to go native so- to- speak or back to it’s natural state, the way so many places used to be ~ before the advent of chemical use and mono-culture farming ~ We know this is the way it should be the health of the planet ~ for all living things ~ My back garden (in the U.S). has been given over to wild sunflowers and wild verbena (and assorted others that pop up) which appeared by magic, once we stopped trying to grow grass which is not native ~ It is the loveliest place for honeybees,dragonflies, myriad butterflies and gold and red finches who love the seeds ~ I really love knowing I have provided this summer restaurant for all these creatures and 100 % organic~ a delight for both all these living creatures and for me to be able to watch everyday. Such a busy, happy place . Thank you for sharing your lovely photos~ I always think the inky sky makes such a beautiful backdrop to lush greens and flowering plants.

    1. Your back garden sounds wonderful! It sounds as though you have achieved a something both wild and beautiful, and just goes to show that creating something that’s good for wildlife can be a happy place for people too. Thanks ever so much for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!

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