Whorls of inspiration

It has been hard to find the rhythm of this year. But September, ever-associated with the start of term, promises a fresh start. And by beginning a new silver jewellery making course this week –  embracing that old back to school feeling – I hope to get back in tune with where we are in the year.

Outside nature’s own jewel box has opened, revealing all that inspires me most. The hedgerows are bedecked with strings of bryony – the berries of the black, like precious gemstones; those of the white, like coloured pearls. Elsewhere they are bejeweled with other berries – ruby hips and haws, shiny blackberries and deep black sloes.

Over on the other side of the field, the stems of cow parsley, that in summer frothed along the path, are now dry and dull and brown. But even these are gem encrusted; not with berries, but with the shiny shells of so many snails, clinging like brooches, prettying up the patch.

3 thoughts on “Whorls of inspiration

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I love the simple “adornment” of the snails. Although those plants scare me! We have cow parsnip here, which looks the same but may be slightly different, and causes a terrible rash/blister reaction if you touch the plant and then get any sun exposure! It’s a pity, since they are pretty plants. Do yours there have any adverse effects?

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