Winter walks and the year ahead

I often think that winter is my favourite time to be outdoors. The wind is harsh yes, but the sun is kinder. No sun burn, no insect bites, no nettle stings.

We can stride out across the fields. Open spaces uncluttered; no leaves on the trees.

The hedgerows reveal their bony structures, adorned with the simplest of garlands. There is beauty in the barrenness. We watch as tiny birds flit in and out; a flutter of wings and they are gone.

Elsewhere the thickness of greenery remains. The ivy yields juicy berries, plucked by the blackbirds’ hungry beaks.

My eyes find inspiration at every turn – each time the light changes, each time a single leaf spins in the wind. I’m grateful for such simple pleasures, and for a mind and hands that know how to respond.

My lino cutters are packaged up ready to be sent off for sharpening, and I’m awaiting delivery of some silversmithing tools, all in pursuit of a crafty year ahead. And I’ve just signed up to Etsy Resolution to help me on my way.

Here’s to 2016, may it bring all your heart desires.






One thought on “Winter walks and the year ahead

  1. I’m excited to see what you’re going to making! Will you be selling on Etsy? I too love winter walks. They’re a bit different in Alaska than where you are, but growing up in Oregon had many similarities to what you described.

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