January. Quiet beginnings. And the cold, stark days, somehow make this a good time of year for reflection.  There are plans to make for the year ahead, and more often than not the best new plans come as the result of first looking back.

I started The House at Nab End in September 2012 with a post called Arrival; a narrative that had formed that summer; an antidote to the end of our building project.

I wanted a space where I could focus on the things we most enjoy and, having completed a large and costly project, to get back to appreciating the smaller, simpler things in life. The blog seemed a natural way to gather all those thoughts, feelings and wishes into one place.

I joined Twitter, prompted by @thinlyspread and there I discovered @simplethingsmag which was promoting an introductory offer in the run up to launching its first issue.  The magazine sounded so in tune with the way I wanted to start living life that I signed up at once.  It’s since become one of my simple pleasures, and having a short story published in its January 2016 edition, illustrated by the fabulous Hannah Warren, was just the best way to bring last year to a close.

Someone gave me some wise words last week: “do more of the things that make you happy.”

It’s not easy when work is demanding, there’s a never-ending list of household chores, and the people I want to spend time with are far away. But they are wise words nonetheless.



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