The still days of November 

When the fiery festivities of Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night are over, November comes into its own. There are days when the mist filling the valley melts into an all pervading damp and grey that encourages introspection. There are others when it lifts to reveal skies of the clearest blue, a bright backdrop for haws, berries and crab apples, like the bright pops of ideas that surface after a time of reflection.

The natural world, turning its energies inwards, begins to shut down, and a stillness descends. Quiet and calm.

These November days are precious and I am always determined to protect them from the all too early influence of Christmas. After all, November has its own qualities.

There should be time to enjoy woodland walks and wintery weather, warming drinks and firelight, starlit skies and cosy evenings.






There’s enough time ahead for the build up to Christmas. For me it will begin at the end of the week with Stir Up Sunday and the promise of Advent. But for a few days more it’s simply November.

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