Simple ways to brighten dark days

Spring and winter have begun their annual tussle. And although yesterday’s initial frostiness was quickly followed by sunlight and bright skies, there are still days when it’s perpetually grey outside and the house is gloomy.

I wrote some posts about simple ways to cheer dark days a couple of years ago, and although spring is on its way, there have been times this month when a few simple and inexpensive ideas have made all the difference. It may be nearly the end of February but today’s grey skies prove that the dull weather isn’t over yet.

Tiny posies

Flowers may be scant at this year, but even a couple of sprigs of viburnum, a single hellebore or primrose, or a few snowdrops will bring light and life into the house. And if you have witch hazel or wintersweet growing in your garden so much the better!




An obvious one, but there is something special about lighting a candle during the day. Candlelight can be a magical addition to the breakfast table on dark mornings. And on dull days I like to have a tealight burning beside me on my desk as I work.


 Hot chocolate

Everyone deserves a treat on a cold, grey day. Having an excuse to curl up for five minutes with a mug of chocolatey goodness is one of the best things about a wintery day. Whenever we visit the Eden Project I treat us to a block of Hasslacher’s hot drinking chocolate which I sweeten with a dribble of maple syrup.


It’s these little comforts, and stolen moments, that I will miss when winter finally gives way to spring.

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