Midsummer blooms, damsels and tigers

My favourite flowers for midsummer are out: climbing roses, whose blooms come in tight clusters; the airy, winged flowers of Gillenia Trifoliata; the pure white of Geranium phaeum ‘alba’; and the perfumed mock orange whose scent hangs on the warm air during the day and wafts in to the house in the evening.



Then there are those with that magical, luminous purple-blue of butterfly wings: the meadow cranesbill, and the tall spires of the delphiniums.


Water lilies float like wax work flowers; their broad pads giving welcome shade to the shoals of last year’s fry.


Clouds of damselflies, turquoise and ruby, rise from the pond then flit on gossamer wings to alight on leaves and stems around the garden.

And best of all the scarlet tiger moths have emerged, ready to welcome midsummer.



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