Bringing in the wheat

A change is sweeping its way over the landscape. A shift. The crops are bleached, thistle down floats on the breeze, and the wayside plants alongside the village tracks are turning tawny; burdock and umbellifers browning as the season moves on.



We walk out, hoping to catch sight of the combine out in the fields. And we’re in luck. We stand and watch a while as it makes its way through the wheat.



In front of us Common Carder bumblebees – some bleached, some bright – buzz from thistle flower to thistle flower.

We follow the path through the harvested wheat.


Out to the edge of the hill where there are big views – across to Wytham Woods, across to Farmoor Reservoir.



Here too the wheat has already been cut, revealing the tiniest of flowers: Field Pansies, Shepherd’s Purse, and Redshank.



Summer feels short lived, but swallows are still on the wing.

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