Blooms for bees: August

Throughout the summer months the Verbena bonariensis is the star of our pollinator friendly patch. It attracts bumblebees, honey bees, and butterflies, alike.


Nearby, the Echinacea plants have continued to bloom, their cone-like centres equally popular with the bees.


Elsewhere the tall spires of the hollyhocks have provided both food and shelter. Their wide, open flowers make wonderful bee umbrellas. Often on showery days I’ll spot one or two bedraggled bumbles sheltering in the blooms.


It’s been lovely to see more solitary bees in the garden at this time of year. And for that we’ve got the honesty box at No 92 to thank. We picked up a couple of pots of Rudbeckia from there earlier in the summer, and this month they burst in to bloom. Since then, as well as cheering up the border with their simple, sunny blooms, they have been attracting these tiny solitary bees – each one just a few millimetres long.


5 thoughts on “Blooms for bees: August

  1. How lovely that you have the tiny bees. After many years of self-seeding my Borage failed this year and the bees have declined because of it. I will have to buy some new seed. The Marjoram isn’t yet in flower but that always attracts bees when it is.

    1. What a shame about your borage. It’s great when things self seed themselves isn’t it! Thanks for commenting – it’s always interesting to know what the bees are foraging on elsewhere.

  2. Lovely. I have just ordered Verbena seed for next year. And my hollyhocks would be open except for the fact we’ve had so little sun this last few days!

    1. I hope you’ve had some sunshine over the last few days, and if not, that you get some soon! I’m sure you’ll be pleased the verbena – it seems to be attractive to all kinds of insects and is great for adding height and structure to a border too!

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