October is all about . . .

. . . feeling cosy

October’s days might be bright and golden, or wet and wild. On good days, the pull of the outdoors is strong. There are walks to enjoy along the hedges, admiring hips, haws and berries, and wanders through the woods to breathe in that unmistakeable smell of autumn. But if the weather’s bad it’s an excuse to feel cosy, to light candles, make hot chocolate, and return to eating more comforting meals.

There will be mornings when mist fills the valley and rests over the fields, and evenings by the fire as the night’s draw in. At bedtime we’ll listen out for the tawny owls in the copse behind the house.

There are simple treats to enjoy – a trip to the farm to choose a pumpkin (or two) for lantern making; the fiery colours of the liquidambar in the garden; warming early evening drinks in the village pub at weekends; and the magic of the morris to welcome in winter at the end of the month.

Welcome to the month’s simple pleasures and seasonal joys.

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