November is all about . . .

. . . making

The feeling of wanting to lay down stores so often felt at this time of year, also manifests as a need to be resourceful, to use our hands – to make.

Longer evenings and cosy weekends with the fire on are perfect for settling down with a craft project; and at this time of year, up and down the country, there are dozens of fairs and handmade markets to visit, to share in and enjoy a wealth of creativity.

November’s days are full of inspiration for making, from the nature finds collected on our walks to the patterns made outside by the first frosts. There are times when a stillness envelops the countryside around the house and walks down by the copse are filled with calm and contemplation, necessary ingredients for the creative process.

At night, Orion inspires as he shines above the ash trees, the stars twinkle, and the twit and tu-whu of tawny owls carries through the cold air.

Welcome to November’s simple pleasures and seasonal joys.

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