July is all about . . .

. . . Golden light.

This is the month to plenty of sunshine. The days are sun drenched and the garden is parched. Out in the meadows beyond the house the grasses have grown up, and there are seed heads to pluck and brush through.

This is also the month to enjoy long summer evenings in the knowledge that they are lessening minute by minute with each day. Late afternoons take on a magical quality, the flowers in our pollinator friendly patch become backlit and we are treated to some beautiful sunsets.

The heat brings a feeling of wanting to strip everything back, to rid mealtimes and living areas of fuss and clutter. Simple meals of fresh produce and time spent outdoors, away from possessions, are what we crave, staying outdoors in the evenings to marvel at what already exists around us – the first stars as they appear in the twilit sky, the bats taking flight, the faint scent of jasmine on the air.

8 thoughts on “July is all about . . .

  1. What a beautiful word picture, you create here…

    But don’t you have flying/biting insects there? We do, and if I step out the door, especially at twilight, they come from all around, to me!!!!! -sigh- And I really, really miss, being able to be out of doors, in the evening time. -sigh-


  2. Love your shop site.

    I just ordered a beautiful silver hoop necklace with rose quartz . I am thrilled!!!!

    Have been looking for such, as my all-the-time necklace.

    Thank you so much, for designing and making it. 🙂 And now, it will be winging its way across The Pond, to me.

    Happy, happy, happy…

    And when it arrives, I will blog about it. 🙂 Spread the love, a bit….


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